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Architecture, Interior Design

This home was designed in collaboration with timber suppliers and craftsmen Hock Aik. Meranti, ulin, and rosewood solid timber were ethically-sourced and crafted to create the timber elements within this extensive home redesign and intervention. Ulin was used for the external gate and car porch cladding, while Meranti was used for the carpentry within the home. Rosewood was for staircase and flooring.


Eusideroxylon zwageri also known as Bornean ironwood, Billian, or Ulin is a dense wood with moderately fine and even texture. It is resistant to bacteria, insects, fungi and marine borers and was therefore used for the outdoor elements. These included the strips for the main gate and fence, the car porch ceiling, and the soffit at the front roof overhang. Ulin was detailed and interfaced with black powder coated mild steel to add the warmth and texture of timber to the sleek structure of the metal. 

Glass was used for the car porch roof. The original main roof profile was kept and replaced with dark grey clay tiles.


Shorea also known alauan, luan, lawaan, meranti, seraya, balau, bangkirai, and Philippine mahogany, is a stong and stable hardwood commonly used in the construction, furniture, and boat building industries. 

It was used for all the customized carpentry work in the house, including wardrobes, storage cabinetry, the dining table etc. 


Rosewood is strong and heavy, with beautiful grains and are usually used for luxury flooring. It was used for the flooring on the 2nd storey, as well as the staircase. 

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