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动 静 屋  Dong Jing House

Interior Design

Our client, came to us hoping to bring alive the concept of living within a home that is both Active《动》 and Serene 《静》。Set in the bustling Bugis area, this apartment home is a sanctuary atop the city.

Bugis_Apt_Pi_Architects_Finbarr_Fallon_10 copy.jpg
Bugis_Apt_Pi_Architects_Finbarr_Fallon_10 copy.jpg

The central space of the home is the futon sleeping area. When our client isn’t resting, this space is used for entertaining guests, working, watching TV. It even has an adjacent gym for working out. Snippets of a rock garden can be seen through glass windows.

Bugis_Apt_Pi_Architects_Finbarr_Fallon_12 copy.jpg
Bugis_Apt_Pi_Architects_Finbarr_Fallon_15 copy.jpg
Bugis_Apt_Pi_Architects_Finbarr_Fallon_18 copy.jpg
Bugis_Apt_Pi_Architects_Finbarr_Fallon_22 copy.jpg
Bugis_Apt_Pi_Architects_Finbarr_Fallon_25 copy.jpg
Bugis_Apt_Pi_Architects_Finbarr_Fallon_27 copy.jpg

The stillness within the library is surrounded by the moving vistas of the living space, gym, kitchen, bath room, and the city. It is a spatial metaphor of the being in the eye of a storm.

Bugis_Apt_Pi_Architects_Finbarr_Fallon_21 copy.jpg
Bugis_Apt_Pi_Architects_Finbarr_Fallon_38 copy.jpg
Bugis_Apt_Pi_Architects_Finbarr_Fallon_36 copy.jpg
Bugis_Apt_Pi_Architects_Finbarr_Fallon_40 copy.jpg
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