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216-4 Syed Alwi Road

Conservation, Commercial

Located within Singapore’s Historic District (Little India Conservation Area), 216-4 Syed Alwi Road, is a 2-Storey shophouse possibly built during the British Colonial period in the early 20th Century. Based on the architectural style of the building, 216-4 Syed Alwi Road belongs to the Late Shophouse period, with its spectacular use of ornamentation. The tripartite arrangement of windows on the façade reduces the wall space to a minimum and provides maximum ventilation. In this case, the ‘wall’ surface is replaced by columns or pilasters that borrowed feely from various ethnic traditions. Brightly-coloured ceramic tiles and plaster bouquets, festoons, plaques and other elaborate ornamentation are evidence of the builder’s artistry.

Front Elevation

Shadow Studies of the facade

Existing Conditions of the Shophouse


3D printed study of the restoration process

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