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Morimasa Gardens

Interior Design

The homeowners are a young at heart couple who are in their silver years. Having to relocate from their previous residence due to a successful en-bloc exercise, this new residence shall be their retirement abode. Having travelled around the world throughout their life, they have amassed a collection of furniture, art and collectable pieces that they would like to be incorporated into the new home. At the same time, the homeowners enjoy hosting family and friends over for a sumptuous meal, great conversations and music of many genres. Therefore, we believe very strongly from the get go that the home design shall not only represent the homeowners’ exuberant energy for life, it has to be one of uplifting timeless elegance that honours their past, celebrate the present and welcomes the future.


As one enters the apartment, one is greeted with a spatially generous, hotel like lobby made possible by full height mirror along one side of the lengthy corridor, thus creating the spatial illusion, and light coloured linen textured storage cabinetry with curved textured side profiles to embrace the existing glass slits that allows daylight into an otherwise dimly lit space. Along the storage cabinetry lies two curved niches for placement of poufs for the homeowners to have a seat while putting on or taking off footwear, or in other instances, pocket spaces for guests to have conversations along the corridor. At the end of the corridor lies a restored antique sewing machine, handed down by the previous generation, and re-framed Chinese zodiac tiles salvaged from the previous residence.


Upon arriving at the living and dining space, one will be greeted with the sense of openness and lightness, where folding glass panels separating the kitchen from the living space, can be opened to become an island counter which the family is able to sit by and enjoy a hearty breakfast and have conversation with the one preparing the breakfast in the kitchen. The choice of colours in the kitchen is also intentional, where the top is kept light in colour so it will complement with the rest of the living and dining space while adding some playful colour at the bottom cabinetry, which will be appreciated when one steps into the kitchen.


As there is a slight level difference between the dining and living space, we have created a seat level bench cum storage cabinetry on the edge, allowing the flexibility in formal and informal seating arrangements when the family has guests over for a gathering.

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