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Interior Design

The dream of this loft apartment being the home for this young couple and their myriad of furry ones was brought to life with their daily routines being integrated with the layout of the space.


With a discerning appreciation the duo has for materials in their purest form, The Lighthouse exhibits elements which brings out the beauty in the rawest of materials.


Inspired by the quirkiness of New-York style apartments, this home was littered with an extensive collection of the homeowner’s bits and bobs; items ranging from their personal collection of glassware to flashy street signs.


Framing the heart of their home is a full height window overlooking an assemblage of greenery, and this was elevated by creating an openness from the living space into the study. Separated only by sliding glass doors, the seamless cement screed flooring allows for connectivity between the two spaces.


Adjacent to the living room are where the homeowners host their guests over meals. Designed for entertainment and personal use, dishes are prepared and served fresh from the full functioning open kitchen to their solid wood dining table.


The upper level is dedicated to the master suite. Having demolished all the perimeter walls of the second storey, black steel and glass railings were put in place so it overlooks the activities taking place downstairs.


Featuring a freestanding bathtub centering the space, the master bedroom is visually connected to the bathroom with them being divided with a full height glass brick wall.

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