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Interior Design


This 3-bedroom, 50-year old public housing apartment situated on the East Coast of Singapore was remodeled to suit the lifestyle of a young creative couple. The hearth of the house is the expansive living, dining, and activities studio space, where couple spends most of their time in private or when entertaining guests.

The living room is an eclectic mix of furniture and objects that the couple loves. From a shiny armchair with cow hide, to futons from Hangzhou, to table lamps from a Singaporean artist, to paintings from the wife's fine arts teacher, these tell a tale of the owners' life. 

_DSC5241-HDR copy 2-2.jpg

A metal shelf, made to be the thinnest version of itself, separates the living space with the dining space. Here is where more collectibles and daily items are placed in this home. The almost invisible nature of the shelf keeps the hearth looking spacious, yet creates a physical definition of space. Walking past it marks the transition into the dining and studio space.


The studio space is flanked on one side with a full-length antique mirror. The couple does HIIT, yoga, and even dance in this space. Behind the mirror are the store room and the common bathroom

_DSC5348 copy-2.jpg

The kitchen is a mix of colours and textures inspired by a piece of art. A splash of pink, yellow, blue and red mixes in with the green microcement floors and terrazzo tiles. Old hack marks on the walls are filled in black paint like a splash of spots on a canvas. A loud, veiny counter top and ceramic-tiled backsplash of different shapes completes the textures in this space


The extended master bedroom shares its space with a galvanized steel dresser and a study area. Some plants enjoy the light from the full height windows. A full length glass and metal wardrobe sits at the foot of the bed. 

The master bath is a mixture of subway tiles and a pink marble shower area. A dark-grey dyed ribbed concrete trough was casted for a 2-person sink. 

_DSC5391 copy.jpg
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