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Interior Design

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The concept of unlearning is central to the design direction for 65 Club Street. Being a century old shophouse, it has amassed layers of cosmetic treatments throughout the decades that tell a different story each time a new layer is being applied. Home to an inspiring family office, we have a strong affinity to the idea of unlearning what we know, and with an open mindset that we will be able to discover new possibilities. 

The ground floor space within the shophouse is envisioned to be a venue for the office’s various philanthropic programs, therefore, surfaces have been stripped to its bare elements to convey the message of material honesty, devoid of any pretence. Moreover, the space is seen as a gallery home to many artworks by local artists, an endeavour which the clients are keenly engaged in.


Due to the sheer length of the shophouse unit typology, natural light flowing through the courtyards into the depths of the ground floor is limited, thus making the space dark, uninviting and claustrophobic. Light colour palette for the interiors are meant to brighten the rooms and mirrors are strategically positioned to tilt upwards to draw more natural light into the space, giving the illusion of a large interior hall.

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The central courtyard, apart from its functional purposes of light and natural ventilation, it serves as the connecting visual spine between all floors. In 65 Club Street, a vertical green wall is introduced in a series of cascading panels to soften an otherwise hard interior. Each panel is then tilted downwards to bring the vertical forest “closer” to the viewers on the ground floor. This act of tilting plains within the central courtyard, is an earnest gesture to lean into the spatial potentials presented to us on site. It is our sincere conviction to enhance and elevate the interior spaces while respecting and revealing the original surfaces of the shophouse. 


This is our way of unlearning and moving bravely into the future. 

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