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Interior Design



Located along the fringes of the Bedok reservoir, the view from the living room out onto the serene waterbody and lush greenery is simply a sight to behold. The stunning view and close proximity to the nearby subway station makes it compelling for the purchase of the apartment unit. However, there were walls that prevented natural daylight from flowing into the depths of the apartment interior, and the view of the reservoir can only be appreciated when one is standing in front of the living room window. Therefore, it became clear to us that the common living area has to be opened up and employ design strategies to appreciate the view of the reservoir from more than one angle.

Home for a yoga instructor, her husband and their adorable toddler, the clients required an open kitchen counter that serves as a space for them to place groceries upon entrance as well as a breakfast bar table. Moreover, foldable glass window panels are incorporated to allow flexibility in the usage of the kitchen depending on the need to keep the kitchen culinary scent from permeating into the rest of the living space. 


Mirrors are strategically placed to bring the view of the reservoir “closer” to the clients, thus expanding and elevating the spatial experience.

What used to be a small yard toilet has been reconfigured to serve as the common bathroom that is infused with wood paneling that is reminiscent of having the hotel experience right in the comforts of one’s home.

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